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Here are some of our customer's installation who are so pleased with our product, and
proudly to share their experience and installation with us.
Please email us your picture of the installation, and comments to us to share.
I have completed installation and testing of the 8909AV in my motorhome.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  The
night view is even much better than advertised.  This is a quality product at a good price.  NOT
SO BEAUTIFUL:  The Operation Guide.  It doesn't describe any of the functions of the buttons
on the remote.  Still I have Bragged about it on my Roadtrek forum with over 2000 members.  If
you are interested in my installation, pictures are under Backup Camera on my website:

Lakeland, Florida
Perfect Installation. Have the "Factory" look.

Camera installed in plastic surrounding tailgate handle (Chevy Avalanche).Wired into
Reverse lights,so only on when vehicle is in reverse.

San Antonio, TX
I installed it in my '05 Toyota Sienna...
It has worked just great.
Forestville, CA 95436
Have 4 cameras working! One license plate camera on my pickup for hitching, one camera on back of my trailer while driving, one camera inside to
keep an eye for my houses, Thanks for getting items back to me so fast....
Walker, Jr.
Foley, AL
Thank you so much!  You are wonderful!  ... I didn't know what to get him and he had just mentioned this for his
Dodge truck. We're in a neighborhood with kids and it happened to us when our son (now 28) was 23 mos. old.  
He survived with some injuries so we were lucky.  Thanks again.
~Sue S. Kirkland, WA

Great product, great price, great service. Thank you. We are using it to monitor the loads going into a large batch
washing machine. The picture is clear and bright. The washer has  24vdc for the control circuts so this unit
required no extra power supply. This saves many trips up a ladder.
Kurt quillen
Main Street Mat Co.

Thank you, can't believe how good it works at night!!
Howard H, Upper lake, CA 95485  (Owner of 8909AY)


Thank you so much for all your help and I will be sure to let all my friends know about your great products. Your
the best!
Donald M, Victorville, CA92395

Thanks a lot for all the time you spend solving my problems. I did not expect such a magnificient sercive.Thanhs
a lot again. A HAPPY CUSTOMER.  Best regards              
Francisco. Hatillo, Puerto Rico 00659

I just wanted to say once again that I really enjoy your product and I am interested in ordering an additional pan
and tilt camera.
Please send me the link in order to make the purchase.
Joseph A

This is a x-mas present for my son who lost the site of his left eye while Active Duty Navy. He has a very difficult
time with traffic on the left so we are hoping to mount this camera in a way to help him with LF side traffic
observance while driving. He and his wife just recently had their first child - so really need the additional safety
that we hope this can provide while they are traveling.
Thank you sooooo much!  You are wonderful!!!!!!
The Deatherage Family, Theodore, AL36582

Thank you very much, Joe … that’s very generous of you!
Just so you know, my son (the person this gift is for) belongs to a local car club and is an experienced
mechanic; I contacted one of his friends who specializes in vehicle electronics when I found this item and asked
him to check it out. He called me to say he couldn’t find anything through his dealers that even came close to the
quality of your unit at a comparable price!
Happy to refer you, and if you’d like to send me some business cards, we’ll make sure they get passed around
at the next club meeting.
Have a great day!
Jamie, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Check out page 14 of this month's BMC newsletter.  You're famous!  (BMC has about 1,300 members, or
something like that)
It's even more impressive in print, but I need to keep my copy for proof of membership to various BMC events...
Hope you're doing well!
Burlingame Mothers' Club March Newsletter.pdf

My name is Gina S and I purchased the G900 by 4UCam (900 MHz) in Pink in the fall...anyway I love your product
and have used it to monitor both of my little girls.  I use these monitors every day...

Thank you for your help and your being kind to the old retired man.  
Larry J, Damascus, MD 20872
on my truck and trailer. I will also take some pictures of my camera setup on my truck and
trailer so you can maybe use it on your site for customers to see in real life applications.
just call(575-973-xxxx anytime) or email me if that would be ok.

David C Turner
President/Lead Driver
B&DD Transport Services
Is there a way to leave feedback for my last order? I want people
to know just how good you are.
Alpharetta, GA
I just installed your 7" video and round camera. I put the camera in the top of my
camper on the back of my F150. I am so impressed! I cannot believe how much quality I got for
my money. I've rigged it as a replacement for my rear view mirror and as I drove down the
freeway I smiled each time I looked up and saw the incredible view of what was behind me. I
just can't wait until the next time I launch my boat.

Thanks for an amazing product and feel free to use me for promotion. If someone wants a
testimonial, give them my email address. I haven't been this pleased with a purchase in a long

Suggestion: Cameras adapted to mount on the rear view mirrors for a real no-blind-spot view.
Dan T
Carrollton, TX
I purchased one of your backup cameras and I was so impressed with how easy it
was to install and how well it worked that I created a video product review.
I was just so happy with how well the product worked that I wanted to share the
experience.  I really hate jumping in and out of the truck several times to hook up
trailers. .. I have uploaded the video to YouTube

Cliff W
Burke, VA
We have many international customers. See
this "factory" like installation of 8908T in a
Kuwait's SUV
4 Cameras installation Sample
Cam # 1
For hitching
Cam # 2
Inside trailer
For horses monitoring
while driving
Cam # 3 #4
On the back
of the trailer
7" monitor sits on dash board. One
8907T camera in front of trailer help
hitching, one 9901T CCD camera on
the back of the trailer run all time...
Larry K.
Odessa, WA
Two Cameras, one in front, one on the back.
I have a Nissan Titan pickup.  This replaces a VR3 wired
camera that got wet (the second camera to do so).  
I have attached three pics for you.  

REAR: Mounting the rear plate camera on the license plate is
good except that the reception is quite poor at the monitor.  I
had to route the wire up and tie it on the inside surface of the
tailgate to get decent reception.  

FRONT: The front grille pic shows how nicely the cam hides.  I
routed the wire back through the opening between the inner
and outer fender.  The magnetic transmitter sticks to the inner
fender and works nicely from there.  I had to remove one
fender screw to get the clearance and then put it back.
The front camera is really nice but needs a switch to turn it off
except when needed. I put a switch under the dash and it
works nicely. I never have to touch the monitor if I only turn on
the camera that I want to see.  Backing up, the turn on is
automatic.  In parking, the front turn on is using a small switch
under the dash.  I doubt that I will ever want both on at the
same time.  So one channel is a plus for my purposes.

INSIDE: This shows where I want the monitor to be.  Right
now it is too close to the driver in order to get reception from
the rear.  With the round camera transmitter mounted in the
bed wall, it should be fine where I want it to be.

RECOMMENDATION:  I suggest a special package for pickup
trucks that includes two of the round cameras with
instructions on where to place the transmitters.  I suspect that
mine is not the only pickup that has this issue. Since I suspect
that you resell rather than manufacture, repackaging the basic
kit might not be possible.  In that case, maybe some special
instructions on the web page would make for more happy
Jeff C
San Diego, CA
I purchased from you the "Ultra Wireless Backup CCCD
Camera and 7 inch LCD Receiver" Item Number 9901AV,
I installed the unit on my 26 foot motor home. It worked
great. I did find a recent photo of the camera installation.
Please note that you may have to zoom on the photo. The
camera was mounted on the center of the vehicle, (you
should see it behind the tire of the bike). Please note the
bike is not as close as it appears in the photo. It was
great for backing up but also invaluable for hooking up
our boat to the hitch.
Chicago, IL 60638
Some of the picture that our customer shared
with us, hope to provide idea for your installation.
Our customer's feedbacks.
Kirt Taylor from Canada replaced Sony Monitor SSM-721AMR and Sony Camera
SSC-520AM on a 94 Winnipeg Vectra, with the
9" split screen system. Here are the pictures
of before, after and in between (you can click the picture below for better view).
I bought this Digital Wireless unit (item# 9901Digital). The digital wireless unit is more expensive than the analog wireless unit, but I
hope to get a good signal for my 35ft windjammer trailer. The unit claims to have 100 feet installation signal range, I tested the signal
range. Take a look at the video, and find out yourself.
Peter CA
Hi there: I installed the digital wireless backup camera on my 37' travel trailer, which I pull behind a 19' long Ford F350 crew
cab. Backing up the trailer is made much safer and easier with the camera in place.  One mistake can literally cost
thousands. That said, I just got back from a 1,000+ mile trip and the camera worked great.  The signal never dropped out
like I've read about cheaper models, and the picture was clear- even when moving. I kept it running while traveling I-95 from
SC to MD and it was handy to see other vehicles coming up from the read and/or in a blind spot. Love the camera, and I
also referred it to several other RV-ers while on my recent trip.   Feel free to post this on your website or advertisements as
a customer who is very well pleased with your 4UCam wireless backup camera!
Joe B from MD
I am happy to report that the initial road test with the 4Ucam model 9901 system
was an unparalleled success!  The rearview image never dropped out, even on the
open road and at 70 miles per hour!  I was especially pleased with the viewing
angle… I could tell vehicles were at a distance behind me but coming up on me.  
The view is natural… almost like seeing it in the rear view mirror.  I am very, very
pleased with the product.
I have a 2009 Fuzion FZ302 toyhauler.  It’s classed as a “30-foot” 5th wheel trailer.  It’
s overall length is 35’ – 2”.  The distance from the camera (transmitter) to the
monitor (receiver) in the truck cab is approximately 45’.
John Bores , Kennewick, WA