We have received many email questions asking about our backup rear view camera system's range, and whether   
it works in different sizes of RVs, tailers, trucks and so on. We do not have all different kinds of RVs, tailers and so
on for the actual testing. Here was how we conducted our tests. The test cases here would provide you some     
idea of how our backup rear view system might work in your case.

We used license plate camera (8909T) mounted on the back of our Toyota Van's license plate, then put our 2.5"
TFT-LCD monitor in the dash board of our Nissan SUV. We kept the van in reverse to activate/power the camera,
then drove the SUV varies distances. The following are the actual screen shots taken at varies distances between
the front of the Van and the back of the SUV.
At 33ft separation,
monitor works fine. For
best result, we suggest
NOT to use license plate
camera when distance
between 8909T and
monitor over 20 feet.
Click picture for better view
At 48ft separation,
monitor will have limited
static when moved to
certain angles. Not as
clear as 33 ft for the far
away objects.
<suggest use 8907T
when over 20 ft>
Click picture for better view
At 78ft separation, signal
weaker, static lines
slowly running down,
sensitive to monitor's
direction, when monitor
aimed at certain angles
might lose picture.
However, still can see
Click picture for better view
If you have a long truck, or trailer, and are really concern about the picture quality, we would suggest that you select our
round 8907T (or 8908T) model. Not like the license plate camera which has the transmitter built-inside the camera (good
for under 30 feet), the 8907T/8908T comes with a transmitter which is detached from the camera. You can fix the camera
in the location you want, and move the transmitter to a location which is closer, and less obstructive for the monitor. So  
the monitor will have better reception. You can easily adjust the transmitter location without restriction of the camera
location. If camera and monitor over 45 feet away, we would suggest you add the extension cord to move the transmitter
closer to the monitor.
Backup Rear View Camera System Testing Demo
Clip-on extension cord between 8907T/8908T cam and the transmitter
10 feet:
$9.95                                  20 feet: $18.95                              40 feet: $34.95
Only suggested when monitor and transmitter are
separated by 30 feet or more. Click picture for
detailed wire length information.
Note: Result might be different due to location of the camera, and blockages between the camera and monitor. If you have  Diesel F150, F250,
Avalanche, or factory built-in-bluetooth, suggest to get the extension cord to improve signal.
See our customer's installation sample. http://www.4ucam.com/custom_install.html
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Wireless Car Backup Camera Series
Wireless Backup Round Camera and
2.5" LCD Receiver
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Frequent Ask Questions:

You only demo the license plate 8909T camera, how about the 8907T round camera?
The 8907T/8908T has flexible mounting location then 8909T, and in general better signal then 8909T because of
the transmitter being detached from the camera.

Can the camera connect to battery power and run all the time, not just while backing up?
Yes. Our backup camera is designed to be used as backup camera, as well as full-time rear view system. But we
would suggest connecting the camera to ignition wire, and use it as full time viewing while turning on the car
engine. We do not suggest connecting directly to battery power, because it will use the power even when the
engine is off.

I have a truck which tolls a boat, about 50 feet end to end, will the backup camera work?
The design of the 8907T/8908T set is such that the transmitter is detached from the camera, so the transmitter
can be rearranged to a location where the receiver/monitor can get better signal.
When the distance is too far, a three color extension cord (maximum 100 ft) can be added between the camera
and the transmitter to reduce the distance between the transmitter and the receiver/monitor to gain a better signal.
extension cable can be purchased from us (link here). Two color cord can be added between the transmitter
and backup light as well.

Screen/monitor sometimes flicker on then off, even when not in reverse position?
Here is how all the wireless backup camera set works - the receiver sends a signal to the screen when it
receives/detects signal from the camera when the camera is on, or if there is wireless signal in close range of
receiver's 2.4Ghz frequency. Sometimes while you are driving (forward), the monitor seems to randomly flicker on
and off, or even shows some image. This is because there is another wireless product with 2.4Ghz frequency
which is in close range of receiver's.

Where does camera get  its power, and how does camera know to come on when the vehicle is on
reverse and shut itself off in other cases?
The reversing camera consists of a transmitter and receiver to send a clear video image. The 8909T wireless
reversing camera is easily installed onto the rear of your vehicle near your number plate. All wiring can easily be
hidden. The built-in transmitter inside the camera housing sends a clear signal over distances up to 150 feet in
open space (20-30 feet in car installation). The monitor with built-in wireless receiver is connected to the cigarette
lighter power adapter, and receives the video signal from the camera transmitter. The camera itself and the
transmitter are powered by the cables that power your vehicle's reverse lights. When you put your vehicle into
reverse gear, your reversing lights turn on and power is sent to the camera and the transmitter, sending out a
video signal. The monitor then automatically switches over to the camera view. When your take your vehicle out of
reverse gear, the reverse lights go out and the camera stops sending an image. At the same time the unit will stop
showing the camera's image.
4 Pin extension cord between 8909TJ camera and the transmitter
10 feet:
$9.95                                  20 feet: $18.95                              40 feet: $34.95
Only suggested when monitor and transmitter over 20 feet away.
Click picture for detail wire length information.