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Wireless 9mm Inspection Camera
Color LCD Monitor
Item# 883AJ
Listed $199.99
Now $124.95
This  9mm Micro Inspection Camera added the wireless feature.
There is no more restriction comparing to the earlier version which forces the camera and monitor to connect together. It is
a better designed micro inspection camera set: wireless option allows to use detached monitor to view camera, image
rotation on monitor allows to adjust viewing orientation.

This new arrival of micro inspection camera set with
built-in wireless receiver, and rechargeable Li-battery LCD
, allows to view camera remotely on high visibility LCD monitor. The camera head is equipped with fully adjustable
four LED lights for night vision and day time usage, waterproof camera head allows to view maximum 10' under water (when
assembly properly). A flexible 3' cable (optional extended to 30 ft) helps to extend your vision to the point of discovery. No
more struggling with flashlight and a mirror. This micro inspection tool set helps you to identify problem and its location, and
make a tough job easier. Tool set comes with accessory hook, magnet and mini mirror to speed up the solution.

New Wireless Micro Digital Inspection Video Camera 3.5" LCD Monitor available now, click link)

  • 9mm camera allows for easy visual inspections in hard-to-reach areas
  • Wireless version allows monitor to detach from the hand-held for better viewing
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-battery, wireless receiver with 2.4" color monitor (optional 3.6", 7" LCD)
  • Image rotation on monitor allows better orientation
  • Lightweight, hand held design means that it can go wherever you want
  • Easily find and diagnose problems with the 3' flexible cable (optional extend to 30')
  • Comes standard with a full color camera, adjustable lighting and 2.4" LCD monitor
  • Waterproof Camera Head and Cable, extend to 10' (optional extension when properly assembled)
  • Twist and Lock Attachments
  • 4-AA Batteries for camera, fully adjustable four LED lights
  • Comfort Grip housing with video output to TV.

Optional Multiple Functions:
Why just use you monitor as inspection system?
By adding the wireless backup camera, you can use the monitor as rear view backup camera system. You can also use
it in-doors as a
Baby Monitor, Security Monitor. This monitor can view all our wireless cameras we carry. You can add other
wireless cameras found in our
accessories page.
Camera/Transmitter (883T)

Monitor/Receiver (7802)
Camera Diameter    11/32" (9mm)
Total Pixels        640 x 480 (NTSC)
Cable reach       3' (optional expendable to 30')
Minimum Illumination        0 Lux
Transmission Frequency        ISM 2,483 Mhz
Max view     30 ft
IR Night Range           8 ft
Power Supply        4 AA batteries (no included)
LED light              Four, fully adjustable
Horizontal View Angle        45 Degrees
Unobstructed Effective Range        10m [Min.]
Dimensions (W x D x H)(mm) 186x145x41(excluding tube)
Weight [About)        450g
Waterproof capacity   IP67 (10' when properly assembled)
LCD Resolution               480 x 240
LCD Size                        2.4"
Receiving Frequency        ISM 2,483MHz
Rechargeable Li-battery   4hr (fully charged)
Receiving Sensitivity        <= -85 dBm
Video Output Signal Level        .9-1.3V~ @75ohm
Exterior Power Supply        + 12/24 V DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        490mA
Unobstructed Effective Range        10M(Min.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)        100 x 70 x 30mm
Weight [About)        140g
Operating Humidity        85% RH
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A/C adapter for AJ Monitor
Add additional in-door/out-door wireless camera in our accessories page
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Sample Applications:
Wireless detached monitor for better viewing                                             Waterproof camera underwater usage
Monitor Magnetic Bracket
Now $19.95
7" Monitor with A/C plug
7" LCD Monitor w/ base
A/C power adapter
Remote control
(optional car lighter cable)
<Must require 110V Power
require A/C plug>
Item: #7inch_LCD_AC
Now $149.95
3.6" Monitor w/ A/C plug
3.6” LCD Monitor
A/C power adapter
(optional car lighter cable)
<Must require 110V Power
require A/C plug>
Now $104.95
Work with 882AJ Monitor, using as RV/Car backup camera system
Ultra IR 12V Outdoor/Car Cam
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Work with 882AJ Monitor, using as Security Camera System
Monitor Video Cable
Now $9.95
Car Cigarette Cables for AJ Monitor/420T
Side by side size comparing - 2.5" v.s. 3.5" LCD
(New Wireless Micro Digital Inspection Video Camera 3.5" LCD Monitor available now, click link)
3.5" video recorder
(SD card not included)
Now $194.95
See Live Video Demo
Following 4 videos are the actual
uncut unedited video footage,
recorded by the handheld video
(Please note the 2.5" system does
not have video and image recording
feature. The 3.5" 882AL system was
used on the demo video)
Under-door view
Getting two screws in tube
Car inspection sample
Under Water view
882AJ Hard Case
Now $19.95
882AJ 3ft Cable w/ 17mm
Listed $139.99
Now $99.95
882AJ 3ft Cable w/ 9mm
Listed $159.99
Now $109.95
Click to
9mm and 17mm camera comparing
Package contains:
  • 9mm wireless Camera on 3ft flex-tube
  • Comfort grip hand-held
  • 2.4" LCD monitor built-in wireless
    receiver and Li-rechargeable battery
  • A/C adapter for monitor
  • Hook accessory
  • Magnet accessory
  • Mirror accessory
User Manual Download
882AJ 3ft Extension Cable
Listed $89.99
Now $39.95
882AJ 6.6 feet Extension Cable
Listed $159.99
Now $59.95
882AJ 16.6 feet Extension Cable
Listed $359.99
Now $109.95