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Wired CCD Rearview Camera +
License Plate Backup Camera +
7" LCD Monitor
Item#: 9901LD_8909T
Listed Price: $469.99
Now $339.95
Monitor (7109W)
LCD Resolution               480 x 342
Video Output Signal Level        1 .1 V +/- 0.2V~ @75ohm,
Audio Output Signal Level        3.0V +/- 1V~ @600ohm
Power Supply        + 12/24 V DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        800mA
Unobstructed Effective Range        100(Min.)
Dimensions (W x D x H)        196 x 27 x 127mm
Weight [About)        450 g (excluding bracket)
Operating Temperature        -10°C/+50°C or+14°F/122°F
Operating Humidity        85% RH
CCD Camera (9901T_wired)
Imaging Sensor        SONY CCD
CCD Total Pixels        512 x 492 (NTSC)
Minimum Illumination        0 Lux (IR on)
IR Night Range           40 ft
Bandwidth        18 MHz
Power Supply        + 12V/24 DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        250mA
Horizontal View Angle        110 Degrees
Dimensions (W x D x H)(mm) 96x52x61(excluding bracket)
Weight [About)        400g
Operating Temperature        -20°C/+60°C or+4°F/140°F
Operating Humidity        85% RH
Camera/Transmitter (8909TJ)
Imaging Sensor        CMOS
CMOS Total Pixels        656x492
Minimum Illumination        0 Lux
Transmission Frequency        ISM 2,400—2,483 Mhz
Transmission Power        10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
Modulation Type        FM
Bandwidth        18 MHz
Power Supply        + 12V DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        220mA
Horizontal View Angle        120 Degrees
Unobstructed Effective Range        70m [Min.]
Dimensions (W x D x H)        215 x 33 x 33(mm)
Weight [About)        88g
Operating Temperature        -10°C/+50°C or+14°F/122°F
Operating Humidity        85% RH
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Accessories - additional camera and more:
Wired CCD IR Camera
Listed $199.99
Now $159.95
Car wire Harness for 7" Monitor
Car Cigarette Lighter Cables for the Set
Upgrade from 40 feet to 60 feet cable
30 feet extra extension cable
60 feet extra extension cable
A/C adapter for 7" Monitor
Table stand or wall mount
Item: #7"LCD_table_stand
7" TFT Monitor
Listed $199.99
Now $179.95
Note: it is for primary camera replacement
only. Monitor only has one primary camera
input. If wish 2nd cam, select HTxxx model.
Item: #7"LCD_dash_mount
Monitor can support one additional Camera (secondary camera)
- please select wire code length
20LED IR wired Cam
Listed $179.99
Now $120.00
15 Feet cable  $5

30 Feet Cable   $15

45 Feet Cable  $25
8 LED IR wired
license Cam
Listed $99.99
Now $65.00
15 Feet cable  $5

30 Feet Cable   $15

45 Feet Cable  $25
Listed $89.99
Now $45.00
15 Feet cable  $5

30 Feet Cable   $15

45 Feet Cable  $25
7" Color Monitor Dual Camera System - special for Truck with Trailer, and 5th Wheels
This dual-camera system is special designed for truck polling trailer or 5th wheel. License plate camera for the truck to
hitch up, the 2nd CCD camera on the back of trailer for full time viewing. The license plate camera is mounted using
your existing license plate screws. Lens is adjustable up and down 30 degrees. The 2nd Sony CCD heavy duty camera
can be installed on the back of trailer or 5th wheel all-time-power-on as reaview camera. You can switch monitor
between two cameras with touch of the button, or using remote control.

The Monitor:
  • 7" TFT LCD Widescreen can switch view between two cameras
  • One 30 feet and one 40 feet inter-connected cable connects CCD camera with monitor allows for best reception
    for long range signals, and easy plug and unplug between two cables' connection.
  • The On-Screen-Display menu allows you to navigate and change settings from a distance, using the remote
  • Full A/V input allows you to plug in a DVD player, or video game console.
  • The built-in dual speakers provide a stereo sound.
  • Volume, brightness, color, contrast and sharpness adjustable
  • Mirror/normal image, and image rotation for each camera
  • 3/4" thin LCD sits on the fully adjustable base with built-in speakers

The Main Camera (9901T):
  • Heavy-duty metal framed SONY CCD water-proof 110° viewing camera, with Sun block and mud protection cover
  • 12 high-powered IR LEDs for 40 feet night vision, with SONY 1/3" high-resolution CCD
  • Aluminum allow metal case with 6.8G-force rated shock resistant, IP66 waterproof of resistance grade
  • Non-corrosive adjustable steel mounting bracket
  • 30-feet + 40-feet cable connects to monitor, optional extended cable up to range of 150 feet.

The License Plate Camera (8909TJ):
  • Night Vision Camera mounts to your existing license plate holder
  • 30 degree adjustable up and down lens for easy line up
  • Weather-proof 120° viewing camera with Sun block feature


  • 7109W 7 TFT-LCD Monitor
  • 9901TW SONY CCD rearview Camera
  • 8909TJ license plate backup camera
  • Monitor Remote Control
  • Suction Mount Holder
  • Cigarette Lighter adapter
  • 30 feet 9901TW connection cable
  • 40 feet 9901TW connection cable
  • 15 feet 8909TJ connection cable
  • Power cable
  • AV connection cable
  • AV/RCA cable
  • Monitor wiring harness
  • Camera installation accessories

You can upgrade 40 feet 9901TW connection
cable to 60 feet, or upgrade 15 feet 8909TJ
cable to 30 feet, by select the following
upgrade option.
Upgrade from 15 feet to 30 feet cable
15 Feet cable  $10                                   30 Feet Cable   $15                                                        45 Feet Cable  $25
Connect to 12V power

Connect to Video Input

Connect to camera output
Please note, you need to run
the wires between the camera
and the monitor. Plug and
unplug the wire-connector when
you hitch and detach your trailer
from your truck. If you wish to
minimized the wiring, or do not
want the plugs and unplugs, we
8907AV + 8907T kit.
However, wired system will
guaranty a good signal at all
time, and all conditions.