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7" Quad view monitor +
Single Camera Set $289.95
Two Camera Set $409.95
Three Camera Set $489.95
Four Camera Set $589.95
7" Color Quad/Split Screen Monitor + CCD Wired Camera for RV, Trailer, Motor Home, 5th Wheels and Trucks
To build you customized set, please click Accessories tab below.
If you only want single camera set, suggest
9901LD instead.
We have unit with Video/Audio camera option, support up to 2
cameras. Contact us for audio camera request.
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This is a commercial grade wired cameras and multi view monitor set. Once connected all wires and cameras, screen
will automatic show different camera view based on car current driving mode - backup view when place in reverse, left
or right camera view when turn signals are activated, primary view when driving forward. You can select primary view as
one camera, split screen or quad cameras view.

The Monitor:
  • 7" TFT LCD Widescreen has split screen display option.
  • 1 DVD/AV Input and 4 camera inputs, PAL/NTSC compatible
  • Four trigger wires control auto switching between cameras
  • LCD auto wake up to display camera when even triggered
  • Volume, brightness, color, contrast and sharpness adjustable
  • Mirror/normal image of each camera can be separately selected
  • 3/4" thin LCD sits on the fully adjustable base with built-in speakers

The Camera (4UC680):
  • Heavy-duty metal framed CCD water-proof 130° viewing camera, with Sun block and mud protection cover
  • 18 high-powered IR LEDs for 50 feet night vision, with SONY 1/3" high-resolution CCD
  • Metal case with 10G-force rated shock resistant, IP66 waterproof of resistance grade
  • Non-corrosive adjustable steel mounting bracket
  • Aviation connector with screw tightening and waterproof rubber seal glove
  • 30-feet cable connects to monitor, optional extended cable up to range of 150 feet.

ONE additional 33 feet cable
Package contains:
  • 7 TFT-LCD Monitor Quad view monitor
  • 4UC680 primary camera + 33 ft cable
  • Monitor Remote Control
  • Dash Mount Holder
  • Unit Power cable
  • Monitor trigger wire
  • Remote control
  • RCA adapter
  • User Manual
Additional Options:
  • 4UC682L Left camera + 33 ft cable
           (Left Camera on Driver Side)
  • 4UC682R Right camera + 33 ft cable
  • 4UC681 Dome camera + 33 ft cable

If your camera is installed on 5th wheel alike, that
you need to connect and discounted the camera
from your truck, additional camera cable is
recommended to form a daisy chain for easy
connect and disconnect. For heavy duty flex-
connector, see Accessories Tab.
Or if you want to upgrade 33 feet cable to 66
feet, you can get the cable upgrade below as
ONE 33 feet to 66 feet cable upgrade
ONE additional 66 feet cable
Go to "Accessories Tab" to build your customized Set