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4.3" LCD GPS + Wireless Backup  
Camera + Parking Sensor System
Item#: 8907PC_R
Listed Price: $449.99
Now $269.95
Full Color
Day and Night
GPS and Wireless Backup Camera with Parking Sensor Radar all in one system. 4.3” touch screen GPS
navigation system, plus wireless backup camera system, plus parking sensor radar system all in one central
monitor display.

GPS Mode: The unit delivers reliable navigation with pre-loaded 2D or 3D maps for all 50 states and Canada,
points of interest, and automatically adjusts for day or night viewing. The touch-screen permits easy input for
stored addresses, and lets you plan your route by entering an address, an intersection, a point of interest, or a
city center as a destination, and detours around areas you wish to avoid. "Text-to-Speech" technology clearly
pronounces all street names over the built-in speaker to guide you to your destination without the need to take
your eyes off the road or fumble with a map. A USB cable connects the unit to your PC for updating music and
pictures, or charging the battery. SD card slot, including a 1 GB SD card, allows the navigator to double as a
portable MP3 player or picture viewer. The unit can be powered by an adapter that plugs into a car cigarette
lighter, or for portability, via its built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery that provides about 2 hours of operation on an
8-hour charge. The display's wireless cradle mounts without tools using a suction fastener.

Backup Camera Mode: The camera and transmitter are powered by the cables that power your vehicle's
reverse lights. When you put your vehicle into reverse gear, your reversing lights turn on and power is sent to  
the camera and the transmitter, sending out a video signal. The GPS unit then automatically switches over to   
the camera view. When your take your vehicle out of reverse gear, the reverse lights go out and the camera
stops sending an image. At the same time the unit will stop showing the camera's image and return to the
previous function.

Parking Sensor Radar: This Reverse Parking Sensor Kits comes with 4 In-Bumper Ultrasonic Sensors. The
reverse sensor get power from the reverse lights. Once installed, the system will automatically turns on when   
you put your car into reverse. If an object is detected while backing up, the system omits audible beeps, as well
as shows the distance on the on-dash display telling you how far you are from an object. The faster the beep,  
the closer you are. If you are too close to an object, the beep sounds like an alarm.

Multi language support: English, French and Spanish. Additional European and other Maps click here.
Package contains:
  • 4.3 GPS TFT-LCD Touch Screen
  • 8907T Wireless Backup Camera kids
  • Parking Sensor Radar kids
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Wireless clip-on Receiver
  • Secure Window Mount Holder
  • USB cable
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter
  • User Manual and CD
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* Add Additional Camera
* International Order!
If you plan to use it in a long truck or trailer, and wondering whether this backup set would work in your case.
Please see our demo test case page:
System with backup sensor will work well for car/RV/Truck under 30 feet long, or extension wire might require to move the transmitter to
closer to the front.
GPS View when driving forward
Automatically activating a wireless rearview camera
when your vehicle is shifted to reverse.

The camera flash mount gives factory installation
looking and provide a clear view of what's behind your
car on the 5" color LCD.

Reverse 4 Sensor Parking System omits audible  
beeps and on-dash display telling you how far you   
are from an object. It can help you avoid those costly
backup collisions that happen so easily.
Integrated Backup Camera System Features:
Navigator + wireless receiving bracket
Camera/Transmitter (9905T)
Screen          4.3" TFT-LCD touch panel
Resolution    480 × 272
Dimensions  125×89×40mm
Weight          252g
CPU              Samsung ARM920T S3C2440A 400MHz
GPS chip      SiRF Star III
System configuration        Win CE. Net 4.2 Core
Format supported    MP4, DIVX, XVID, WMV, ASF, AVI;
Receiving sensitivity        < - 158dB
Antenna        Embedded
External Antenna            Optional
Memory        64M
Capacity of SD card        32M ~ 4G
Capacity of lithium battery        1400 mAh
Operating time of lithium battery        2 hours
Car-borne power supply        +12/24V cigarette to 5V
USB interface
Adapter        220V adapter to 5V USB interface
Frequency stability        ±100ppm
Receiving sensitivity        -85dBm
Video signal output impedance    1.1±0.2Vpp@75 ohm
Video output polarity        Negative
Modulation type        FM
Unobstructed effective transmission range   50 meters
Frequency        ISM 2400 MHz ~ 2483 MHz
Maximum power consumption during operation  350 mA
Operating temperature        -10ºC ~ +50ºC /+14ºF ~
Operating humidity (maximum)        <85% RH
Imaging Sensor        CMOS
CMOS Total Pixels        720x480 (NTSC)
Minimum Illumination        0 Lux
Transmission Frequency        ISM 2,400—2,483 Mhz
Transmission Power        10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
Modulation Type        FM
Bandwidth        18 MHz
Power Supply        + 12V DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        250mA
Horizontal View Angle        80 Degrees
Unobstructed Effective Range        80m [Min.]
Dimensions (W x D x H)        44 x 42 x 38(mm)
Weight [About)        65g
Operating Temperature        -10°C/+50°C or+14°F/122°F
Operating Humidity        85% RH

Parking Radar System(T4060)
Power        +12/+24 Vdc
Maximum power consumption of current        280 mA
Maximum power consumption (including output to
camera)        350 mA
Number of sensors        4
Standard alarm level        Safety, caution, danger, stop
Alarm sound type        buzz
dimensions (W×D×H) (mm)        99×60×20
Approx. weight        60g (excluding sensors)
See product demonstration
(GPS w/ backup only, radar demo will come later)
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