* Alloyed shell, extra alloyed top cover, heavy duty weatherproof for outdoor usage
* 26 Infra-red LEDs ultra night-time vision (effect range: 45 feet). Color day time, B/W night time.
* Comes with 12V A/C adapter, camera is also designed for car power connection and usage
* Built-in microphone for
video and audio monitoring  
* Up to 330feet transmission range in open space  
* Compatible with 9901A ultra 2m-antenna to super charge 1.5X the transmission range
* Flexible mounting base, with option to connect to camera on base or on the back side
* 4 channels available to avoid possible interference (not adjustable)
* 380 TV lines sharp picture display                                                  
Ultra IR 12V Outdoor/Car Cam
Listed $109.99   
Now $84.95
Car wire Harness for 823T
823T comes with 12V A/C adapter.
For car installation, please add above
823_wire. Otherwise, you can cut the A/C
adapter to connect to car power. But please
note swap +,- would damage the camera
Extended 2m Antenna:
-compatible: 9901T/7"LCD(AV model)
/7610Z 3.6"LCD(AZ model)/823T
Now $24.95
Car Cigarette Lighter Cables