Our Mission

Dedicated to YOU!
We specialize in wireless transmission equipments. We are dedicated to identifying and creating unique
and innovative products to improve the quality, security and safety of people's lives.

Delivering quality to YOU!
Our desire to deliver the highest quality products to you drives our manufacturing and development
processes from start to finish. We take quality control very seriously so each product is tested before it is
shipped to you.

Brand name Product!
4UCam is a registered trademark and brand name for all the products that we sell. All products we sell
are directly shipped from California.

About Us

Located in California since 2006, 4UCam strives to deliver to the marketplace technologically advanced
and high quality production of wireless transmission equipments to improve the quality, security and
safety of people's lives.

We are a direct distributor for two of mainland China's top three security product manufacturers, with a
total of 20,000 square meter factories with 1600 employees. Both manufacturing facilities are
ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certificated. Each product is individually tested, which enables us to offer
products that consumers can trust and rely upon for performance.
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